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• Platelet donors are frequently requested by HEMORIO’s donors recruiters. How can I become an Apheresis Platelet Donor?
A: To become an Apheresis Platelet Donor you must have given blood, in a regular donation, 6 months before, in HEMORIO. If you want to donate platelets, please call BLOOD 0800-282 0708 and schedule a donation. If you come to HEMORIO we will show you the procedure and answer all your questions. It takes up to 2 hours to the entire process.

• What is the blood volume in a health person?
A: Five liters in average.

• Is donating blood safe?
A :Donating blood is a safe process. Needles and bags used to collect blood are used only once and then discarded, making spread of infection to the donor not possible. Before donation the prospective donor have a private consultation and a brief medical history is taken, including a check of the pulse, blood pressure and temperature, and a drop of blood is analyzed for hemoglobin content (anemia).

• Why is blood recruitment policy based on voluntary and repeat donors?
A: Because the frequency of transfusion transmitted diseases is much lower between voluntary and repeat donors. Theoretically, these donors are more aware of the risk situations and know how to avoid them.

• Could I receive the outcome of my last blood donation by email?
A: To ensure confidentiality, Hemorio does not send the test results of the donation by email. HEMORIO provides the results of the local donations only, upon presentation of ID from 30 days after blood donation, Monday through Sunday from 7 am to 6 pm.

• Why did HEMORIO stop sending test results to the donor's house?
A: For security reasons, information concerning the results of tests performed on donated blood are given only to the donors personally. To access test results donors must take their ID to HEMORIO. It is noteworthy that in situations where blood donations can´t be used because of some positive serology, the donor is summoned by letter to attend HEMORIO again and perform testing.