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To provide high standard healthcare in Hematology and Hemotherapy areas and coordinate the State Blood Network.

Vision: Be the Center of Excellency for Hematology and Transfusion Medicine.

Core Valuess: HEMORIO values are based on ethical principles. Searching for credibility, we work as a team and as such, we reward the teamwork and inclusiveness, in order to be useful for society.

The Institutional Values are:


             Humanization - Providing a safe and efficient patient care respecting the global human being and considering the biological, psychological social and spirituals differences.

             Developmento - Continuous search for excellence by encouraging our co-workers to seek a personal improvement. This practice will bring them new knowledge and will improve the environment on quality, creativity and growth.

             Respect- Providing an equal treatment for everyone as well as listening to the concerns of our patients and co-workers respectfully and courteously.

             Integrity - Encourage the union and participation of our co-workers in order to have an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional partnerships thinking in a universal patient care.

             Commitment- A work environment integrated to a stimulated staff committed to HEMORIO’S mission, values and sustainability.





hematological patient care

Blood Center and Transfusion Center - Blood collection, transfusion and a vital laboratory for Rio de Janeiro’s Blood Network.

Education - Providing continuous education and training in Hematology, Transfusion Medicine and related areas, and also searching for improvement in Health Management Practices.

Research - The HEMORIO Research Program is based on researches developed by our own staff and a partnership with well known academic institutions as well.

Rio de Janeiro’s Blood Network (HEMORREDE) Technical Coordination

Social Responsibility and Citizenship

HEMORIO encourages its co-workers to identify other activities, related to our mission, giving them the opportunity to work with a wider range of possibilities. Enhancing their co-workers with social responsibility and citizenship through closer relationship to the general society. / (to society)

Young Life Savers Program -
This program introduces the theme “Blood donation” to teenagers in high school. This work is developed by HEMORIO´S donor recruiters in schools with the participation of teachers and students.

Hospital Classroom: The program was developed for children during hospitalization. They have classes for elementary school teachers in order to be updated with their learning. This program is a partnership between the State Health Department and the State Educational Department.