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What is an autologous donation?

An autologous blood donation is when a patient donates their blood and it is stored for their own upcoming surgery. The autologous blood donation will be stored in HEMORIO until the day before surgery, when it will be shipped to the hospital where the surgery will occur.

What are the benefits?
With this type of donation the patients will receive their own blood. There is no risk of a Transfusion Transmitted Disease. Transfusions reactions are very improbably to occur. Each autologous blood donation is tracked through the processing, testing and delivery cycle. It is only delivered to the specific donor and hospital.


How many blood bags can be collected?
It depends on the type of surgery. In general two to four blood bags are collected. This type of donation can be done once a week over a 5 week period. The last donation can be done 3 days before the surgery. During this donation period the autologous donor must be replaced with oral iron.

How can I make an autologous donation ?
The patient must have an assistant physician request. With this form he or she must call (21) 2505-0750 branch line 2118. A physician will evaluate the patient and order infectious diseases tests. If the patient meets all the requirements he or she will be able to donate. If any of the infectious diseases tests are positive the blood bag will be disposable. The autologous donor will be communicated and the process will be interrupted. If infectious diseases tests are negative the blood bag will be stored.